Jump Start 2017 Goal Setting Workshop

The holidays are upon us and along with that comes budget and goal setting tasks for the coming year. Have you had a chance to write a plan for the first 90 days of 2017 for your business? Business experts agree that the most successful companies develop strategies which are broken down into actionable, measurable goals. What if you could set aside time on January 12 with a business coach and advisor to help you craft a plan for your company?

Please join us in Launch Gaithersburg for a special session on Thursday, January 12 from 8:30 to 10:30 AM. Learn how winners play the game and how they inner speak. See how goals can get transferred into an actual plan with steps, accountability and timelines. You’ll walk away with a plan you can implement for the first 90 days of 2017.

This event is for business owners who wish to get a strong start to 2017, no matter what your industry. Bring your whole staff for this work session. Please RSVP as a light breakfast will be served.

Featuring business coach and advisor Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance (JMCA).  As president and CEO of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance (JMCA), Jeff has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial, sales and philanthropic experience. Through JMCA, Jeff offers consulting services focusing on small business development, sales training, executive coaching, non-profit board facilitation, strategic planning, and team building. Jeff works with clients to create systems of accountability, bring a refocus to goal setting, and build organizations that deliver measureable results, financial stability, and a better work/life integration. Jeff’s unique best-practice services are tailored for business owners, executives, and nonprofit leaders looking to take their organization to the next level. For more information, visit jeffmillerconsultingalliance.com. 


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