Learn To Achieve Your Writing Goals – Join The Writer’s Group!

Do you have a writing project you’ve been meaning to start? Or finish? Well, we’ve got your back.

Join us for The Writer’s Group @ Launch – a 5 week program that’s designed to help you achieve your writing goals.

Whether your writing project is a book, a chapter, a white paper, an article, or a blog series, this program is for you!

We’ll meet every Friday in June from 12-2. Each week will have a theme and the first 30 minutes will be a mini class on that theme, led by an industry expert, followed by 90 minutes that you can use to write, or get individual feedback from the instructor.

If finding time in your schedule to write has been one of your biggest challenges, this is your solution. By committing to your writing for two hours a week – in addition to the accountability that being part of a group will provide – you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

To enhance the the accountability aspect, and provide ongoing support between meetings and after the course is over, you’ll also have the option of joining a private Facebook group for people who have participated in The Writer’s Group.

Commit to the full 5 weeks in advance and save $10 a week over the drop-in price. (Pre-registering for all five weeks also increases the liklihood that you’ll follow through on attending every session!)

Space is limited to allow for personalized attention, so reserve your tickets soon!


Week 1 (June 2): Getting Started. Learn the steps to take before you start your writing project to set yourself up for success.

Week 2 (June 9): Conquoring Writer’s Block. Learn strategies and tricks to defeat the most common roadblock to success.

Week 3 (June 16): Structure & Voice. Learn basics of universal narrative structure and how to find and build your own voice through your writing.

Week 4 (June 23): Editing & Revisions. Learn hows, why’s and whens of editing your own work, and how to stay motivated through the revision process.

Week 5 (June 30): Next Steps. Learn how to keep the momentum going for this and future projects as well as options for sharing your writing with the world.

*We recommend you bring your lunch, although light refreshments will be provided*

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