Pricing Models for Tech Start Ups

Tech entrepreneurs often have perfect ideas for a startup and the tech skills to make them happen. But all too often the businesses fail because the revenue model and pricing structure were not carefully crafted. Selling ads on your page is NOT the way to make money to build a sustainable business! Join Launch Workplaces and TEDCO for a seminar on how to develop smart, revenue-generating business models for start-up technology companies. We’ll discuss pricing models such as freemiums, premiums, unit pricing, value pricing, and licenses. The presentation will also include what worked and didn’t work for TEDCO’s portfolio companies so you can learn from entrepreneurs who have been there before, and a case study. Presented by Neil Davis, Director of Entrepreneurial Development, TEDCO.

This class is part of our Ready, Set LAUNCH marketing program. By taking this class, you qualify for discounts offered by marketing merchants to help you get your message out there and grow your business during the first half of 2018. For more information visit our website

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