PCGI Owner Dreams Big at Launch Workplaces


Entrepreneurs are known to dream big, and that’s especially true for Launch Workplaces Rockville member Abhi Parab of PCGI. The owner and managing director of this boutique technology consulting company’s desire to have 100 employees by 2020, and with almost 20 staffers he’s well on his way!
Founded in 2016, PCGI provides data strategy, master data management, artificial intelligence (AI) and Customer Relationship Management solutions to state and Federal government agencies and large enterprise commercial clients such as Pharmaceutical companies. Abhi has a strong background in consulting, having previously worked at leading consulting firms Deloitte and Accenture. He has specific expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), and his company is leveraging machine learning to generate better insights so organizations can act on those insights and automate them. Abhi explains that “there is a lot of data out there, but it includes a lot of garbage. You have to find the truth in the data.”
Abhi admits he was curious as a child and often would dismantle equipment to see how it worked. After earning a degree in India in what else — mechanical engineering, he moved to the United States to attend graduate school in Ohio and study AI. Abhi’s curiosity continues to pay off as his business allows him to professionally evolve as emerging technologies evolve.
Something else that has paid off for Abhi is his leadership style. He credits his success to emulating other successful leaders under whom he worked or about whom he read, such as Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi. “It’s important to be a consistent leader and make people believe in your vision and follow you. If you have a vision and no one buys into it, then it’s not worth it. Leaders need to mobilize people,” he believes.
Abhi has been a member of Launch Workplaces for about four months and is occupying the new mini-suite on the third floor of Launch’s Seven Locks Road location in Rockville. He says he loves living in the United States because his talents are recognized here, he loves living in Maryland because his clients are nearby and he loves working at Launch because it is extremely convenient to his home and major highways.
According to Abhi, artificial intelligence will redefine our day to day lives. With his dedication, dreams, and talent we are certain to see PCGI be at the forefront of this technology and we can’t wait to watch it unfold here at Launch.

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