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Balancing Open Plans & Privacy Concerns in Shared Offices

With the advent of open floorplans in many workplaces, employers must find ways to make their companies more collaborative while allowing employees to retain their privacy and shield against constant interruption from their colleagues. As modern workspaces, several coworking centers also leverage open plans to brighten their offices and make their suites more accessible and appealing to customers. However, like traditional offices, shared offices similarly need to offer separate areas their members can use to get work done to maintain a productive atmosphere despite their open designs.

Phone rooms are one of the essential private spaces a coworking center needs. When taking a conference call or having a confidential conversation, it is not ideal for members to sit in an open coworking area. The caller will disturb the people who are trying to work around him or her, and the conversation may be interrupted by background noises from other workers nearby. Phone booths around the outside of the hot desk area give coworkers a private place to talk without distracting or being distracted by other people around them.

Additionally, virtual offices are a beneficial feature for shared office spaces to provide. Many coworkers choose to rent a desk in a coworking space because they either don’t have the need or the means for a full-time office. However, they may still need a quiet space at times to work or meet with clients. Coworking locations help them manage their overhead costs by offering private offices they can reserve as needed while avoiding paying for a dedicated space that will not be used frequently.

Lastly, conference rooms offer the most spacious meeting spaces for members who need secluded places to get together with their colleagues in the office or outside guests. Coworking managers can entice members to use these conference spaces by outfitting them with whiteboards, teleconferencing services, and presentation-ready TVs, which will deter them from using the open hot desk area to hold meetings for their team.