Caring Medical Practice Coming Soon Near You

Caring Medical Practice Coming Soon Near You

Health care is a hotly debated topic these days for patients, caregivers, policymakers, and insurance companies alike. But most people can agree that quality care should be accessible and supportive. That’s what Kelly Goodman, an award-winning nurse practitioner and business owner in Bethesda believes anyway. Because of that, she is on a mission to open a chain of medical practices in Maryland and disrupt the primary care industry with innovation and a caring attitude.

Kelly Goodman has two locations and together with her sister Kristin Mathews, the Chief Operating Officer, they formed a business called Kelly Care based in Launch Workplaces Bethesda to systemize the operations that will lead to five more. Kelly Care will provide holistic patient care for people of all ages with quality, integrity, and ethics utilizing nurse practitioners instead of medical doctors. Using nurse practitioners, whose schooling is seven years compared to doctors’ ten, will allow patients to have a better experience at the office because more time can be spent during the medical consultation and less time in the waiting room. “We value our patients’ time, and we take the time,” explains Kelly. The offices have extended evening hours and are open Saturdays 9 to 3. And while most visits with a medical doctor are about ten minutes, Kelly Goodman’s nursing team spends at least 15 to 20 for sick calls and up to an hour for Medicare patients. If patients get stuck waiting too long, Starbucks cards are often given out to ease the sting of inconvenience.

Kelly Care forward thinks when it comes to its business operations as well. “We want to be conscious of innovation to focus on the patient,” says Kristin. The practice uses an electronic medical records system and an online communication portal to keep appointments moving smoothly and paperwork processing efficient. The nurses respond to patient questions on the portal within 24 hours. Even the office décor defies most medical practices. Instead of a sterile environment, patients visiting a Kelly Care office will find comfort with modern furniture with calming clean lines.

Kelly and Kristin grew up in a small Midwestern town where their mother was the community’s go-to nurse, and other family members were doctors. But surprisingly, it’s a famous singer that motivates Kelly to want to disrupt her chosen profession. Madonna can take the credit for reminding Kelly that anyone can accomplish their dreams at any age if they put their mind to it. Kelly and Kristin are undoubtedly shining stars in their field.

The Launch Workplaces in Bethesda was just what the doctor ordered for the busy pair. They moved into an office because they needed more space and it was easy. “The amenities like the TVs, kitchen and conference rooms are nice to have, and we don’t have to spend money on them ourselves,” says the budget minded Kristin.

Kelly Goodman attended Catholic University and Georgetown University to earn her degrees in nursing and worked at both Sibley hospital in Washington, DC and Innova hospital in Fairfax, VA before engaging her entrepreneurial side and opening her practices. When asked what keeps her up at night as both a nurse practitioner and business owner, she admits it’s her email inbox. Her advice to other busy entrepreneurs is “get to work early to respond to everything and clean it out before you leave for the day.”

If you are fortunate enough to have a Kelly Care practice open in your neighborhood in the future and are looking for a family oriented, collaborative place to receive medical care where you’ll feel valued, you’d be a lucky person also on your way to wellness. Keep tabs on their practice’s growth by visiting their website for updates.

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