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Cobb Systems Moves From Commercial Lease To Shared Space

Today’s modern office buildings can benefit from having shared office space and coworking facilities in the building as an amenity. Tenants can enjoy access to conference rooms, kitchen snacks, and educational programming typically offered. And after realizing that shared office facilities provide flexible and affordable real estate solutions, a building tenant might want to move into the shared space. That’s what happened with Cobb Systems Group! CEO Wayne Cobb was a tenant of 9841 Washingtonian Boulevard in Gaithersburg for the past three years when he realized that moving into Launch Workplaces on the second floor would be a smart idea for his technology company.
“We are very glad to be here at Launch,” says Wayne enthusiastically. “The facilities are very nice,” he adds. No stranger to shared work environments, Cobb Systems Group (CSG) was founded in 2009 and shortly after that accepted into Montgomery County’s incubator program where they were a member of the Germantown Innovation Center and the Rockville Innovation Center. Wayne’s company even won the Incubator Company of the Year award in 2014. Today, CSG has over 70 employees in Maryland, California, New York and India. The company occupies four offices within Launch’s suite.
Cobb Systems Group engineers custom technology solutions operate them for clients and transfers the answers, and the people who built them, to its clients. CSG streamlines talent processes through interview automation, simulation-based assessment, and workforce analytics — helping clients acquire highly skilled individuals and make teams specific to unique needs. With its software solution called ProForm™, “we put people in positions they wouldn’t get,” explains Wayne. Finding the untapped market for personnel can lower the cost of labor for its clients while also giving workers higher compensation – a win-win situation.
Wayne Cobb is a Montgomery County native who attended Montgomery College where he studied engineering before transferring to Capital University in Laurel. He fully supports community colleges and often mentors and provides internships to community college students. His career involvement has spanned from robotics hardware and software to finance software in wealth management. In fact, he used wealth management principals of searching for overlooked investments to create software solutions to identify forgotten people for staffing positions – a smart strategy that inevitably sets him apart! When Wayne is not working, he enjoys tennis and fitness and no surprise here– following the stock markets.
Shedding a commercial real estate lease for flexible offices was just the ticket for Wayne Cobb and Cobb Systems Group.