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Coworking Trial Memberships Expedite Entrepreneur’s Search for Office Space

For those who are new to the coworking world, the number of choices available in today’s market can be overwhelming. Shared office spaces provide a diverse array of amenities, have various target audiences, and price their services differently. Making an equal comparison of different coworking providers can be difficult, and determining which office space fits a small business and its employees best is sometimes a process of trial and error.

The monthly fees that coworking providers charge to rent space at their locations or to become a member of their community can keep potential coworkers from seeking out office space until they are sure which location they want to join. Rather than continuing to work from home while they are contemplating which office space is best for them, business owners can speed up their coworking search by asking if their local coworking centers offer any trial memberships. Being around other entrepreneurs who are already using the space, testing out how often a private office or hot desk will be used, and attending some events will allow an entrepreneur to make a more educated decision on whether the shared office is a good fit for them.

Many shared office spaces rent private offices or coworking desks on an hourly or daily basis. They also allow non-members to attend their educational or networking events for free or a small fee.  Renting space in this manner may not be the most cost-effective option to become a coworker over the long-term, but it’s a great way to get one’s feet wet as a new coworker is trying to find the right home for their business.

Launch Workplaces offers coworking day passes for $20/day and virtual office rentals. Also, most Launch events are open to the public, and an updated schedule can be found at www.launchworkplaces/events. We invite prospective members to come and experience our community and see if we are the right fit for your company!