Blockchains Deep Dive

Blockchains Deep Dive


Imagine sitting around a table with senior executives in 1995. Someone says “Internet.”  Or in 2006. Someone says, “social media will be big.”

Maybe not you, but most people didn’t know or care about these technologies, dismissing them as “a fad.”

And with some justification, because it seems that just about every year, vendors and would-be prophets come along proclaiming the arrival of the next “disruptive technology” that will “change everything.”

In this session, you will get to judge for yourself as to whether blockchains and decentralized systems are simply a “fad” or something truly significant that will affect enterprises.

Either way… you’ll know about them so you won’t be caught off-guard.

The “deep dive” will introduce you to:

  • decentralized development environments such as Ethereum, Synereo, and Blockstack that require less code and may offer greater uptime without needing an enterprise data center.
  • peer-to-peer networks such as OpenBazaar, La’Zooz, and Lemonade which seek to remove the need for 3rd party trusted intermediaries in industries such as insurance, ecommerce, and transportation, among many others.
  • crypto-currencies beyond Bitcoin such as Dash, Zcash, or Monero and how they may affect how your customers wish to buy and how your vendors (or emplyees) wish to get paid.
  • smart contracts that may reduce the need for lawyers and accounts payable teams
  • services like OneName and Keybase that could become the repository for identity, where customers can revoke or modify access to their personal information at will.
  • alternatives to Facebook and Twitter like ZeroNet and Steemit, owned by no one and where ad-targeting isn’t possible.
  • new settlement systems such as Ripple that reduce cross-border payment times from days to seconds.
  • how customers may expect an open blockchain to independently verify corporate supply chains to ensure they align with their values (already beginning in industries such as wine and marijuana).

And you’ll hear how large vendors like Microsoft and IBM are already investing to support blockchain technology for the enterprise.

This session will arm with you an understanding of the new paradigm and offer you concrete suggestions for what you can do to ready your organization and yourself, if you are convinced.

The interactive and entertaining discussion will be given by Jeremy Epstein, a 20 year technology industry veteran with experience at start-ups (he was VP/marketing at Sprinklr which grew from 30 people to 1400 in 3 years) and Microsoft. Currently, Jeremy is the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, working with some of the top VC-funded blockchain companies in the world such as OpenBazaar and OB1.


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