Free Small Business Advice (SCORE)

Free Small Business Advice (SCORE)

What is better than FREE business advice and consulting?  Launch Workplaces has partnered with SCORE an organization comprised of business leaders who volunteer to mentor small businesses and startups in the Washington DC area.  Dave Westreich is now a member of our Gaithersburg location and is offering complimentary consulting hours every Tuesday from 9am-3pm.




Skills: Sales, Marketing & Public Relations; Government Contracting

Industries: Construction; Marketing; Advertising and Creative Services; Media and Communications

Rockville, MD Chapter. Washington DC SCORE


My work has spanned a number of industries, and I’m eager to support your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch and working on your business plan, or are looking to strengthen your company’s sales and marketing outreach, I am ready to help you.

My career started in the architecture/engineering industry where I was a transportation engineer responsible for the design of commercial airports. I transitioned into the sales side of the field before moving into the construction industry, where I worked for four decades. My entire career in construction was in marketing and sales, beginning as a Business Development Manager and rapidly progressing to the positions of Director of Business Development, Director of Sales and Presentation Training, and ultimately Director of Sales Innovation before ending my career as the corporate executive responsible for sales team career development. I was twice recognized by my employer for my performance in these positions by receiving the “Corporate Excellence Award” for outstanding performance.

My focus with SCORE has been in business planning, communications, presentation coaching, and the sales aspects of businesses. One of my longstanding SCORE clients was selected as the 2017 DC SCORE Chapter’s “Client of the Year”.


Following are testimonials from three of my SCORE clients.

“David Westreich is the most caring, articulate and professional representative SCORE could have. He truly cared and spoke to my needs. In our hour-long conversation, I was able to learn what my mentor thought would best serve my area of need.” – Lori S.

“I set up an appointment, which just so happened to fall on my birthday–it was truly the greatest gift. It’s great to have a mentor that cares about the success of my company just as much as I do. I would recommend David Westreich to any entrepreneur just starling their own business.” – Dylana Jones

“David Westreich answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand. He was patient with me, clear in his explanations and encouraging. He did not make me feel incompetent whatsoever, even though some of my questions were elementary at best.” -Jenifer S.

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