StartUp Ignite: #5 Strategy Sessions

StartUp Ignite: #5 Strategy Sessions

March 16, 2017 @ 2:18 pm – 3:18 pm


Have you wondered how to initially price your product, or position your brand? In these strategy sessions we’ll cover how to price test, and have a winning go-to-market strategy by analyzing your direct and indirect competition. As always we will have supporting mentors, and a dedicated instructor to help you form a customized strategy you can take back immediately to advance your startup.

* Furthermore, in this program (Ignition Night #5) we will unveil our investor outreach program, our startup growth advisory program, and our curriculum schedule for the next quarter. Be sure to attend if you want to learn how to access these new developments in the Ignition Path program.

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Becky Randel
Sales Associate, KI