Fitness App Launches From Coworking Desk At Launch Workplaces

Fitness App Launches From Coworking Desk At Launch Workplaces


Have you ever wanted to work out or play a pick-up game but didn’t want to do it alone? Now with FITREC, finding a workout buddy in your area with your shared interest is just a click away on your smart phone!

FITREC is the brainchild of Launch Workplaces member Anthony Bustillos. He established the company in January of this year and launched the app this month. It is a new free social fitness app that allows you to find workout partners, create fitness and recreational sports groups, and join pick-up games by creating a simple profile and using filters to select fitness levels, type of fitness and recreational activities, gender and so on. Then you can see nearby users searching for the same fitness activity or recreational sport that you want to do. Connect with them through in-app messaging and get out there!

The FITREC App brings the power of community to the fitness world in a way that has not been done before. The platform of the application is clean, modern, simple and easy to use. FITREC combines what community offers: encouragement, accountability, support, and security with the ease of connectivity that technology provides. The result is a powerful platform committed to getting people active again.

As a former EMT and Registered Nurse, Anthony recognized the health care benefits of regular exercise and wanted to reduce some of the leading health care problems that are due to inactivity today. But what really drives him are thoughts of his mother who suffered from health issues, and how she often walked alone. “She had a busy schedule and there was a lack of a network where she could find someone in her fitness level who enjoyed the same type of fitness activity, and that shared the same fitness goals. Our company wants to change that and establish a network so users can find, connect and join with others to get and stay fit.”


Anthony is a busy entrepreneur with a vision to be a top CEO of a large company someday. He dreams of opening gyms to serve underprivileged children and change the world by everyone being healthy. He owes a lot of his recent success to being part of the Launch community. “The environment here drives you to be successful. A shared work environment like Launch Workplaces is a must,” he says.

Download FITREC and join the new social fitness app. Available in Goggle Play Store and Apple App Store (December 15).

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