Launch Rockville Featured Artists

Launch Rockville Featured Artists


Born in Brooklyn with his mother, Supreme connected with his love admiration for organization and adventure. Two opposite traits but that can be found within his creative style a technique that he calls “Perfectionism”; vibrant geometric shapes where his mother’s concept that everything had a place plays into how he boldly and meticulously represents order, flow, consistency and thoroughness, while also telling a story inspired by life events.

Supreme was diagnosed mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dermatomyositis which greatly affected the ability to use his hands. Being a determined man, Supreme persevered refusing western medicine and rehabilitating himself through nontraditional methods.

Supreme prefers to create paintings that are larger than life to show his zeal for always being ready for a challenge. He enjoys colors and shapes that convey emotion and vibrancy throughout the paintings. This unique progression also reveals the side of him that has the tendency to be a perfectionist, as he will, without question, recreate entire works that are even the least bit short of greatness. When his piece is completed, it is the greatest symbolism of overcoming life’s obstacles.



All my life I knew I wanted to be an artist and I started competing in art shows in kindergarten. I started off by teaching myself about art from books and videos at my local library. I got my first professional graphic design job at 16 for Damon Foreman’s Music Academy, where I taught myself how to use the Adobe professional programs. At this job, I was able to create my first advertisements, promotions, logos, full album cover and CD. I also competed in numerous art shows and received many awards for my accomplishments throughout my entire educational career. I’ve attend numerous colleges and later decided to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to obtain my Graphic Design degree. Since education is never ending continue to further my knowledge regularly with a variety of college courses, workshops, webinar and DIY lessons. I always thoroughly analyze everything I take on and if I don’t know, I will teach myself to become an expert in any situation.

While in College I took, a class called Electronic Design where I had to create bands to make advertisements for. I decided why make up a band when I can help the locals by giving them a real visual image. I created Your Destiny’s Dream, a non-profit program to help other businesses grow and to expand my portfolio. The artwork I created for local musician and businesses lead me to be hired for numerous entertainment companies. Today this program has transformed into an official business, called Your Destiny’s Dream LLC; where I provide mural, design and marketing services. I continue to contribute my art to non-profit organizations such as Wisdom Court Kids Club, Risi Medical Foundation, ChildHelp and more. My hope is to inspire people to help others and grow together instead of destroying each other. With my work, I want to share my passion of art, music, collaboration and helping nonprofits.



As a child, Alan enjoyed perusing the museums of DC where he fell in love with art. He did not actually tap into his own creative side until many years later. In fact, never thought of it, until one night in college just started drawing.

Within a few years, he was drawing all the time. With his one and only one chance to take an elective at the University of Maryland, he took composition, and then in the late 90’s, he got a scanner. The scanner came with Photodelux 1.0, a simple version of Photoshop.

By scanning his drawings and filtering them, “Alanart” (his brother’s name) began. The range of images now include photography, drawings, pastels, and digital designs made entirely with Photoshop. The drawings are generally scanned into Photoshop, and he enhances the colors- mostly only the colors- and occasionally adds additional filters. He is now also busy making slides shows and is planning by 2017 to learn animation.

Alan’s pieces have sold in coffee shops in Alexandria and Takoma Park, at a festival in Alexandria, online, and at auctions in Baltimore. In several cases, people have bought from the samples. His art has been on a CD cover, a wedding invitation, and a billboard in Baltimore rising over Penn Station.

Alan’s art is on under Alanart.



Laura-Leigh Palmer creates from an inner compulsion beyond the level of conscious thought. Her ideas come from things long forgotten – that resurface like gifts from the sea at high tide. Recently beginning to digitize much of her work rediscovering sketchbooks now decades old also is helping a lot with the memory thing.

Not only is she an artist she is also an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College teaching Introduction to Digital Illustration, runs a graphic design business, and is a Google Trusted photographer. Much of her work is: “TraDigital” combining both traditional media and digital creations. The final pieces are output as limited edition giclée prints.

Presently she is working on a series of small works titled “Art that Fits the Frame”; consisting of appropriate quotes and illustrations with decorative elements that match the frame they are in.



As a child growing up in Hamilton Maryland, Greg Trenchard, was surrounded by the bustling lives of his many neighbors. Hamilton, a notoriously diverse and rich in community, fostered Greg’s curiosity and love of the creative world. Although he had not discovered his passion for photography yet, he did devote his creativity to the choir from second grade until he was 26 years of age. Along with the choir Greg also learned how to play the guitar allowing that to be his outlet for inspiration.

It wasn’t until, Greg, picked up his first “point and shoot” camera in 2005 that he truly felt like he had found his craft. In 2011 he purchased his first DSLR camera and from there taught himself the many skills that separate a novice photographer from a professional.

Recently Greg was accepted into a juried National Photo Competition at the Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland. Greg’s keen sense for capturing historic icons has landed him on Rail Trek Media, an organization dedicated to the preservation of railroad trains.

Greg can be found all over this great wide world capturing life’s largest to smallest moments. To him “photography is a way to see the world; to look for the details in things that we tend to miss in the hustle of our daily obligations”.



Art has been a passion of Rene’s from a very young age. It is an outlet of expression for her like none other. She sees it as an opportunity to create perspective and add unique dynamics to people, places and things. She has been drawing and painting most of her life for her own personal enjoyment.

Rene got her start in the professional world of art late in life. It all started when she decided to share her passion and my gifts with others. That year all Christmas presents she gave were paintings based on the connection she had with the individual receiving the gift. It was a rewarding process that yielded unexpected results. She then began getting approached for commissioned work.

Her philosophy is simple:  find joy in art and desire to share that joy with others.  All her work is customized based on the client and subject of the piece.



Artists Compound helps creative persons run their business by connecting them with opportunities to share, show, and sell. We provide tools for them to run their business more effectively while creating platforms for them to showcase their work whether it be on stage or in a gallery.

Artists Compound is an organization committed to artistic advocacy.  Our mission is to champion artists of diverse art forms while collaborating with patrons and communities.  We strive to foster inspiration and the creative freedom of expression, innovation and imagination of artists young, old and in between with exposure, promotion, and education which enriches and brings the community together.

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