Member Spotlight: DRD Creative Grows In Gaithersburg


Who says four walls have to be boring! Check out what Launch Workplaces member DRD Creative did to their office at our Gaithersburg, Maryland location. This creative marketing agency used the desks and chairs provided by Launch and added modern touches in a soothing color palette with bronze accents.


DRD is a three-year-old company, led by Darin Ruchirek and Antonio Chung, who moved into these two offices because they landed new business thanks to word of mouth referrals and needed to expand. Previously they had a single office at Launch. “That’s the beauty of Launch Workplaces,” explained Antonio. “You can scale up or down as your needs change.” Today, five employees work out of two offices across the hall from each other and thanks to the glass walls, they can feel more connected while enjoying the sunlight streaming off the lake in the Rio Washingtonian Center. Other contractors stop in as needed and there is room for everyone.

Each office features a work area and comfortable seating accented with end tables and punchy art graphics. In the larger office, a pub height work table with clear lucite chairs allows two people to collaborate without taking up much visual space. “We created this social space to boost morale and build stronger relationships between team members because coming into work with friends is fun and when people are having fun they do their best work,” explained Antonio.


DRD Creative provides digital design and communications services to growing businesses. Large organizations like Marriott turn to DRD when they need to communicate confidential, strategic ideas in an easy-to-grasp way with infographics, videos and presentations. Both Darin, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and Antonio, a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, were creative directors at different companies before coming together to form DRD Creative.


Launch Workplaces allows its members to make each office their own unique style. DRD Creative chose to reflect their brand’s promise by creating an eye-catching, but comfortable workspace for its employees. Stop by Launch Workplaces and DRD Creative for some inspiration for your business!