Launch Spotlight: TranZed Apprenticeship Services

Launch Spotlight: TranZed Apprenticeship Services


Maryland IT, Cyber Security, and Digital Social Media Apprenticeship Programs.

Earlier this year, Launch Workplaces hosted a Lunch & Learn on the state of Marylands only registered apprenticeship program for IT, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security.  This program has delivered motivated and focused employees to the specifications of individual businesses at a fraction of the normal cost.  TranZed has led the charge on this program with support for the DLLR and MCEDC.

Since the launch of apprenticeship programs for IT, Cyber Security, and Digital Social Media in November 2016 TranZed has seen a tremendous response from small businesses. There are over 70 small to large size corporations engaged in the program and more than 300 people have applied to become apprentices consisting of career-changers, high school graduates, veterans making the transition from the services, and college graduates. While they may differ in age and experience, they have one common thread: the desire to secure a meaningful career and sustainable employment in IT-related positions.

The Apprenticeship Program is a comprehensive workforce development tool designed to support the following areas:

  • Up-skill and multi-skill incumbent staff
  • Create a low-cost talent pipeline of pre-screened candidates
  • Customize training programs reflecting employers needs
  • Provide access to Federal and State level incentives for hiring apprentices

TranZed works directly with each employer to develop a curriculum tailored specifically for the role the apprentice will assume, thereby eliminating skill gaps. The curriculum, delivered via a combination of 144 classroom hours and 2000 on-the-job hours, encompasses both hard and soft skills, ensuring that the apprentice makes a smooth transition into their new role.

When an employer signs on with their program, TranZed conducts a full assessment of the employer’s needs. This assessment covers everything from the skills the apprentice will need to learn for the position to the workplace culture. If you’re looking for new talent they present the employer with multiple candidates who have made it into the talent pool via a pre-screening process that involves aptitude testing and consultation. Apprentices are a direct reflection of the program and are dedicated to finding employers candidates that exhibit the work ethic, talent, and attitude necessary to succeed. Additionally, the TranZed agreement with the employer offers many safeguards throughout the one-year apprenticeship, which could include replacement of an apprentice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

If you need to develop incumbent staff, they offer a model that will provide the customized training and support to ensure new skills are developed and competency increased.

If you’re interested in learning more contact Jon Marrs at TranZed Apprenticeship Services to schedule a call.

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