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Protect Your Business – Vote in the Primaries

As a small business owner, what happens in your state and local legislature can have a huge impact on your business. Make sure your voice is heard by voting in the upcoming primary elections. In many jurisdictions, the primary election is THE election. If you are unsure what is happening in your area, visit your Board of Elections website for an overview. Most of the candidates are currently spending their time campaigning so you are certain to come across an opportunity to hear their views and ask questions that are important to you, whether it’s taxes, transportation, or minimum wage. Put the election date on your calendar and encourage your customers, friends, and neighbors to get out and vote! Here is a short list of important dates in our area:


Maryland’s Democratic primary for governor and local offices including those in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties is June 26. You can register to vote or change your party up until June 5. Request an absentee ballot until June 19. Early voting is June 14-21. Visit for more information.


The Virginia primary is June 12. Virginia voters do not register by party and can choose whether to vote in a Republican or Democratic primary. Voters may not choose both. Voters have until June 5 to request a mail-in absentee ballot, and through June 9 to vote in-person absentee. Visit more information.

Washington, DC

The D.C. primary for mayor and council seats that also includes a vote on a minimum wage ballot initiative is June 19. Visit for more information.