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A Million Thanks From Launch Members

Shauna Fleming founded A Million Thanks in 2004, when she was just 15 years old. The campaign began as a community service project in Orange County, California, with the goal of sending one million cards and letters of appreciation to U.S. military serving around the world.

The local project turned into a national cause just three weeks after its initial launch. Tens of thousands of letters poured in each week, written by individuals, churches, schools, business, and other organizations. Shauna was interviewed by various media outlets around the country to help spread the word about A Million Thanks. Within six months of starting, Shauna and her team of volunteers reached the initial goal of one million letters.

On February 20, Launch Workplaces staff and members took time to express sincere appreciation and support in messages of thanks to our U.S. military. Members wrote over 50 letters for both past and present members of our armed forces.  Not only did our members participate physically but also financially with over $300 donated to this great charity. Thank you to those who participated and donated to such a great charity.

Want to get involved? Do your part and write letters and messages of appreciation and support for our military, past and present.