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Team Suites by Launch

Launch Workplaces is happy to be partnering with our owners to provide additional flexible workspace to our users. Launch Team Suites provide more flexible options to our members who need more space and privacy. These Team Suites are an extension of our existing Launch Workplaces coworking locations. Launch Team Suites are larger spaces (1,2000 sq. ft. and up) that provide a private, close-door site for a single user. The suites come fully furnished with WIFI coverage. We are happy to work with you if you need to work within flexible terms. Whether you need are looking for a hub and spoke model, a satellite location, or a touch down spot for a group, Launch has what you are looking for.

Don't see anything that fits your current needs? Add your name to our mailing list and let us know what you are looking for as we continue to bring more suites to the market.

  • Simple license agreement
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Fully furnished
  • Short-term agreements available
  • No lease or broker required
  • Move-in ready
  • Wi-Fi & wired
  • No hidden fees

Private office, shared & coworking spaces rental