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Coworking Staff Provide Members with More Than Office Space

All coworking centers need staff on-site to do administrative duties and keep the office running smoothly. However, great coworking managers do more than supervise functional office spaces. They also support their member entrepreneurs who are trying to run their companies and accomplish big goals with few employees and limited financial resources. Business owners, especially entrepreneurs, can benefit from the following services that exceptional coworking employees offer:

Business Connections – Entrepreneurs need to build strategic business partnerships to fuel their growth as their companies expand. However, meeting the right people and making the right connections can be difficult. Coworking managers know about their members’ businesses and make introductions between companies who offer complementary products or who provide services that a member is seeking. Coworking staff can also suggest local organizations that supply funding, mentorship, or training for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Staffing – In addition to meeting business partners, entrepreneurs also need to expand their team as their companies grow. However, business owners may not have time to manage a job search, especially if they only want to hire an employee for a short period of time. Great coworking managers leverage their networks to recommend qualified job candidates, which decreases the number of applicants a member must interview to find a good hire. They also may have partnerships with local universities and job training programs that can provide interns or project consultants when members only need to contract temporary workers.

Marketing Opportunities – Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of promoting their company and advertising their products or services. Coworking staff supports their efforts by giving them opportunities to host educational seminars related to the work they do in order to meet potential customers. They also host networking events where members can meet in an informal setting and discover other professionals who may be prospects or can help them solve the business challenges they are facing.

At Launch Workplaces, we train and expect our staff to provide the highest standard of excellence.  Supporting our members is the backbone of our thriving communities.  We want our members and guests to feel that we are an extension of their business and here to assist with whatever we can possibly do.  Come experience the Launch difference, schedule a tour today!