Cyber Security Firm Finds New Home at Launch Workplaces

Cyber Security Firm Finds New Home at Launch Workplaces

What do Uber, Forever 21, Equifax and Yahoo all have in common? If you guessed they all were involved in data breaches in 2017, you are correct! We certainly live in a scary time of unprecedented cyber attacks but Americans are fortunate that the best minds are working on keeping cybercriminals at bay. And some of those best minds happen to be at Launch Workplaces in Gaithersburg at Sherpas Cyber Security Group, Inc!

Sherpas Cyber Security Group (Sherpas) was founded in 2016 to develop a comprehensive security solution designed for ease of use and guaranteed to protect organizations from data exfiltration incidences. They have designed their products on the premise that security breaches will be made but critical data can, and must, be protected always.

Sherpas technical team, which is located around the United States and in India, consists of renowned experts who have worked in different domains of cybersecurity for over 25 years, protecting many public and private institutions from advanced cyber threats. They have integrated with various other cybersecurity solutions to create SolidWall™, the most advanced active data exfiltration protection solution on the market today. If a large organization such as the Coca-Cola Company wanted to protect one of their assets – let’s say their recipe for Coke– they would probably work with Sherpas!

The CEO behind Sherpas Security Group is Ken Stalder, a successful serial entrepreneur who has been involved with over 50 startups and is a proven business and technology strategist with experience ranging from engineering, sales, marketing, business development and lobbying to management. Ken was a former executive at Lockheed Martin under Jack Walch, where he developed the first wireless video system for the US Navy. He was also the CEO of a successful Washington lobbying firm where he helped technology companies win business from government, international, and large corporate clients before guiding them through successful exit strategies. Ken is joined at Launch by Gil Lovett, COO, and Ken Lovett, CFO. “We love working at Launch Workplaces,” says Ken. “The energy is good!”

Ken’s advice to other entrepreneurs has confidence and believe in your ideas and your business because no one else will, and to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. His favorite business books are biographies of successful business leaders, including, of course, Jack Walch. With Ken’s impressive background we should all take heed of his advice.

When Ken is not chasing cyber criminals, he enjoys chasing adventures of a different sort, such as skydiving, shark diving (!), mountain biking and rock climbing and spending time with his large family.

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