Launch Gaithersburg Featured Artists

Launch Gaithersburg Featured Artists


Nicole Johnson is a surface design artist. She graduated cum laude from Moore College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Textile Design. Nicole stumbled upon her creative technique when she landed in a consignment shop and noticed some old printed artwork. She didn’t see them as discarded sad art that had become forgotten; she saw them as the foundation for new creative life. From these old relics of art Nicole finds her inspiration. As a health and spirituality conscience person she also thoroughly loves knowing that her model of reusing old art helps to keep more objects from finding the landfill. Her trademark design, circles and spirals, create a therapeutic response that she finds represents her life journey. Circles are a never ending that mirror life’s progression and forward motion, just as the recycling of old art represents moving forward, so do the circles. 


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Shawn Theron artist and creator of SOGH. What is SOGH you might ask? SOGH is not just a word, it is a living breathing thing that looks like positivity run amuck. SOGH instills and share love everywhere it goes. It touches people that it passes. It loves all and comforts many. SOGH is what Shawn’s mother, Red, said that he must do and never forget before she moved to the next phase of her journey. She was a larger than life influence in Shawn’s life. Shawn had made a video capturing conversations between the two of them to as she was on the end of her life journey. There they opened up to one another and in those conversations, she told Shawn to never forget SOGH, to remember it, to live it, to be it. She told him to turn on the light, to turn off the light, to make the light brighter. This, to Shawn, was her way of telling him to be the light, to be the love, to be SOGH. What that looked like didn’t come immediately, Shawn still had to go on a journey to discover what that was and through a photography project of his life and through painting he unlocked the secrets of SOGH and the rest his history. You can now find SOGH driving across the DMV area in his mobile gallery or in the American Visionary Museum or a few local Maryland boutiques.


A Baltimore native, Trancevizion is an artist who enjoys manipulating negative and positive space by arranging lines and shapes to make methodological designs. Trancevizion uses spray paint to create layers that eventually turned into his unique style.  This up and coming emerging artist is capturing the artworld by surprise. His work is easily accessible making it a perfect for any recipient.


Artists Compound helps creative persons run their business by connecting them with opportunities to share, show, and sell. We provide tools for them to run their business more effectively while creating platforms for them to showcase their work whether it be on stage or in a gallery.

Artists Compound is an organization committed to artistic advocacy.  Our mission is to champion artists of diverse art forms while collaborating with patrons and communities.  We strive to foster inspiration and the creative freedom of expression, innovation and imagination of artists young, old and in between with exposure, promotion, and education which enriches and brings the community together.

For purchasing please email, call 301 639 0453 to speak to Chastity

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