Intellectual Property Expert Resides in Launch Gaithersburg


In today’s cutthroat global business world, protecting intellectual property can make or break you. You need a solid patent strategy to get your ideas to market and keep competitors at bay, but most people don’t understand how to navigate the system. Luckily there are experts that can help businesses wade through the murky waters of obtaining patents. Dr. Nirmal Basi, CEO of TT Consultants and XLPAT labs, and a member of Launch Workplaces in Gaithersburg is one such person.

TT Consultants is an international firm that provides the full spectrum of customized intellectual property and innovation support services to help companies and attorneys to increase their efficiency and reduce costs involved in patent prosecution and litigation matters. With offices in India, Taiwan, and the United States, they provide prior art, freedom to operate and infringement searches as well as patent prosecution services coupled with portfolio management and landscape analysis. TT Consultants was awarded the prestigious JETRO Award as the top patent search firm in India, for its overall quality and management processes. A subsidiary, XLPAT labs, provides artificial intelligence-driven search engine software to patent attorneys and large multinational companies. The two companies combined employ more than 200 people, and both are growing, especially in the USA.

Nirmal was born in India, but his family moved to England when he was a child. He went to college in England and studied biochemistry and molecular biology. Eventually, he earned a full-ride scholarship for his Ph.D. at Howard University in Washington DC. After graduating from Howard, he worked as a Staff Fellow at NIH in Bethesda and then as a Patent Examiner at the US Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, Va.

Working for the federal government was rewarding, but Nirmal knew he could forge his path to entrepreneurship with his science background and management skills. He did just that – he joined forces with a business partner, signed an R&D contract with the University of Maine and together they developed a natural waterproof coating for paper based on a sucrose fatty acid ester molecule (WO2018/045248A1). Soon after Nirmal established HS Manufacturing as a significant player in the paper coating arena the directors of TT Consulting asked him to be its CEO.

Today Nirmal travels often, he is in India every few months and looking for opportunities in Europe, but he appreciates Maryland’s pharma and biotech community. He especially likes having his office at Launch Workplaces near the 270 Biotech corridor. “This is ideal,” he says. “It has a nice feel. I looked at a lot of places, and I knew this was the one.”

When asked what challenges he faces as a CEO, Nirmal admitted that his companies are doing well and now need fine-tuning. “We hire the best people from around the world with top educations and are teaching them to think outside the box,” he shares. To wind down from running two successful organizations, he likes to watch professional and college basketball, babysit grandchildren and visit Hawaii and Las Vegas.

If you ever need any patents, it’s clear that Dr. Nirmal Basi and TT Consultants can help! Contact him at