MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Ken Fischer, CEO of Atigro

From studying the human yawn as a neuroscientist to analyzing web site click rates as a business owner, Launch Workplaces -Tysons member Ken Fischer loves technical challenges.  So much that he founded the company Atigro, a digital marketing and development company, in 2004. The name comes from “All Things Internet to help you GROW.”

Ken and his team at Atigro provide Full Cycle Digital solutions for digital marketing. They develop custom web-based apps for enterprise, as well as websites (design, hosting and maintenance), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and mobile apps. He prides himself on making sure technology merges with digital marketing to achieve real goals based on discovery, data and strategy. Ken aims to solve two problems. 1) Make sure the final technology product lives up to the original vision, and 2) Create a single point of support for clients, whether the issue is content, technology, metrics or marketing.

Ken has personally been involved with hundreds of web technology projects, including public service announcements for the government and custom solutions for a top medical journal. He further shares his love of technology by serving on the board of directors of the National Association of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Atigro has been in several locations over the years, but Ken appreciates working out of Launch Workplaces in Tysons because of its convenient location and easy parking. His advice to budding entrepreneurs and other members is to think about business processes early and how you’ll measure results. “Don’t leave that as an afterthought,” he cautions. “Spend time to plan projects thoughtfully.”

A dedicated father to two boys, Ken works hard at balancing work and family time. He enjoys hiking, biking, swimming and building robots with them. He frequents a maker space to instill his love of technology into his children.

If you need to reinvigorate your public face, extend your reach, and boost your marketing impact stop by the Launch Workplaces  in Tysons, VA or contact Ken at

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