Member Spotlight: MBO Settlements

Mobile Settlement Company Chooses New Launch Bethesda Location for Its Home Base

The last time you purchased a home, you probably went to a stuffy, lawyerly-looking office to sign the loan paperwork where the décor and its inconvenient location did nothing to calm your nerves before making the most significant purchase of your life. Wouldn’t it have been a better experience if the settlement took place at your new home or even any other location of your choosing? That’s what Moira Olevsky, founder of MBO Settlements thinks, and that’s why her professional settlement company is entirely mobile – to conduct closings and refinancings at its clients’ location.


Moira is a member of Launch Workplaces in the new Bethesda office, and she feels it’s the perfect place to establish a home base to reach her customers, where ever they may be in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC. MBO Settlements opened for business in March 2015, in Moira’s home office and has grown to the point where having an outside office makes more sense. The Launch Bethesda location was exactly what she needed — a light-filled, clean, modern space for professionals that want to get work done. “I love the platform of what a shared office offers small businesses,” she remarks. “It’s very convenient. Looking for regular commercial office space was an arduous process, and Launch made it very easy to move in here.”


The settlement expert started working in the industry in 2002 where her background in finance from the University of Maryland gave her the foundation she needed. Building on that, she prides herself on using cutting-edge technologies to make settlements faster and more convenient for the home buyer and the real estate agent. “I want to make their lives easier,” she explains. That’s why she can take her business on the road while other companies cannot. And while most settlement companies track success by how many agreements have closed, MBO Settlements follows it by how many miles Moira and her staff have logged to serve its 400-plus customers. As of the last count, it’s over 12,500!


Starting MBO Settlements was not a big stretch for Moira, having been raised in a family of small business owners. She was greatly influenced by her parents who owned several retail shops in the Washington DC area. She grew up working in the stores and learning how to serve customers, skills that certainly paid off for her own growing business. Moira plans to revolutionize the industry and expand into markets beyond the DMV by earning referrals, servicing repeat customers and networking at trade shows.


As a road-warrior battling DC traffic every day, Moira likes to unwind at her vacation home with her family in the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she is growing another small business– literally. This business has nothing to do with real estate or finance. It is oyster farming! “The oysters help clean our local waterways, and there is the plus side of getting to eat them,” she says. Whatever business Moira Olevsky puts her mind to, Launch Workplaces is excited to be supporting her growth every step of the way.