Member Spotlight: Providing Necessary Defense, Yazdani Law Group

Most people have no idea what they want to be when they grow up, but Shahnam Yazdani, a member of Launch Workplaces in Rockville, knew from an early age that she wanted to be an attorney. What type of law or where to practice was up in the air but she knew she’d be heading to law school after earning her undergraduate degree.

And sure enough, after receiving a degree from the University of Maryland in economics and working for a short while for the federal government at Health and Human Services investigating medical fraud, she found her niche. She knew then her path was to study criminal law and become a defense attorney. She headed off to Washington and Lee University School of Law where she started developing her courtroom skills. After passing the bar exam, she found herself in Miami working in the public defender’s office representing residents in domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, and felony cases, often juggling up to 130 at one time! “Everything was on fire every day. But that was the greatest experience a young lawyer can have because I now know there is no case I cannot handle,” she explains. Working in the public defender’s office taught her how to be prepared for trial quickly and how to be resilient. Shahnam remained in Miami for three years giving people an opportunity for fair legal representation in court.

Realizing she had been in Miami long enough, last October Shahnam returned to her childhood home of Montgomery County, MD. In July she was ready to hang her own shingle as a criminal defense attorney. Yazdani Law Group, LLC is now headquartered in a private office at Launch Workplaces. She can defend people when faced with DUIs, traffic tickets, driving offenses, assault, protective order violations, personal injury and car accidents in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Washington, DC. She found Launch Workplaces to be an excellent place for people just starting out. She doesn’t have to pay extra for the internet or deal with a problematic landlord. She appreciates the free-flowing soda in the kitchen and 24/7 access. “I am happy with Launch. I love it!” she says.

Not wanting to be just another private practice attorney in Rockville, Shahnam created innovative pricing packages that make it easy to retain her services. “Attorney fees can become barriers to a person’s right to a trial because attorneys often charge additional fees for taking a case to trial, as opposed to negotiating a plea agreement for their client. Ninety-seven percent of defendants don’t exercise their constitutional right to trial. It is important for me that my clients are not discouraged to go to trial because of monetary reasons.” she states. With fixed fees, consumers will know exactly how much a DUI, assault or theft defense will cost. “It’s all-inclusive. I prepare a case as if it’s going to trial, not for settling, while also collecting mitigating evidence should the client decide to take a plea” she adds. Shahnam also prides herself on being available 24/7 and answering the phone herself; customer service touches that are appreciated when people find themselves in trouble in the wee hours of the morning.

Naturally, her line of work can be stressful. Shahnam likes to relax by traveling, hiking, gardening, and crocheting. She credits her mother, a successful local real estate broker, for providing the nurturing support she needed to get her business off the ground and to provide regular advice.

If you find yourself in hot water someday, instead of calling Saul you’d be better off calling Shahnam. Her number is 800-905-0210 or Save that in your contacts!