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Refer A Friend to Launch!


Help friends and colleagues find the perfect office.  Launch Workplaces not only awards referral bonuses up to $500, we also reward our new members with a discount! Rewards are based on office size.



Step 1 – Send us an email or give us a call at (301) 232-3301

Step 2 – Your referral tours a Launch location with a Director of Member Success

Step 3 – Your referral leases space at a Launch location

Step 4 – You receive your reward



Current and past Launch Workplaces members are eligible. Non-members are also eligible. Referring member must provide the name and contact information to Launch Workplaces before a tour is completed by the referred person for them to be eligible for the referral program. Referring Launch member cannot refer someone from their same company to their same location. They can refer someone from their same company to a different location, however. If two members make the same referral, the reward will go to the member who first submitted the referral form. If the referred person or team is already in contact with a broker, we will not honor the referral. Referring member will receive a reward in the form of a personal check at the end of the new member’s first full month. The maximum payout is $500 per referral.