The Benefits of Joining a Coworking Space

Over the last decade, the coworking world has expanded by leaps and bounds. Ten years ago, the use of a coworking or shared office was almost frowned upon by many customers and business owners. Traditionally, clients have gone to private suites within commercial office buildings to see their lawyers, realtors, and other consultants, so visiting a space encompassing multiple businesses for the same meeting is a new and strange experience. However, now, meeting professionals in a coworking space has become the norm for many customers and clients. More and more people are flocking towards shared workspaces and coworking communities around the globe for the following reasons:


  1. Community & Networking – When individuals have a coworking membership, they have unlimited opportunities to meet new people every day, such as sitting in an open, hot desk area, eating lunch in the shared kitchen, and attending free networking events hosted by their coworking provider. On top of all the other amenities included with coworking, the ability to tap into such a widely diverse networking group for FREE is a priceless bonus. Small business owners can start meeting new people, bouncing ideas off other entrepreneurs, and referring business back and forth with their fellow coworkers on day one at their new office, and they can continue to leverage the connections they make even after they have graduated to their own private office space.


  1. Mobility –Rather than spending countless dollars leasing an entire office suite for a small number of employees, business owners have several office options to consider in a shared workspace. Coworking has recently gained popularity primarily because it gives growing companies the flexibility they need to operate their businesses on the go, and the number of organizations who need that capability is only increasing. By supplying members with office solutions that allow them to work in multiple offices on a day-to-day basis, coworking spaces provide a crucial factor to the success of members’ businesses while also helping them minimize costs.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness – Not only do coworking locations present more flexible, lower cost workspaces than a traditional office suite, they also offer great perks that are typically included in the office rent:
  • Fast, reliable Internet
  • Free coffee, tea, and water
  • Free utilities
  • Front desk staff to greet guests during business hours
  • Furnished offices
  • Free parking or easy access to public transportation

Business owners might be able to write off their home offices for tax purposes, but they don’t get all these benefits as well!


  1. Productivity – It’s possible to think that productivity levels decrease when people work in a shared office space instead of their home, but studies show the opposite is true. In fact, 74% of coworkers say they are more productive after starting to work in a coworking space, and over two-thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects. Coworking spaces offer fewer distractions and the ability to be in a place where everyone has the same goal – GET WORK DONE!