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Landlord Resources

One of the chief uses of our Launch coworking spaces is business and property management. Businesses, realtors, and local property owners utilize Launch Workplaces to brainstorm, meet, achieve, and grow. Launch isn’t just here to give you a physical space to work—we provide endless resources for the investors of our communities to better understand their industry, build their portfolios, and do more with their spaces.Read more.

Things have changed dramatically in the last few years, and Launch Workplaces has stayed up to the task of adapting while bringing the best working opportunities to members new and old. From the office space bubble to fluctuating building prices, the post-pandemic dilemma has inflicted many property owners with uncertainty. Many people are looking for a return to the “way things were,” but at Launch we know that the consistent change of business is both exciting and challenging. We’re here to give you the resources you need to build your community and get the most out of the properties you own.

Flexible Workplace Options Are The Future

These days, more and more people are working in some combination of office and remote. Our buildings are in a unique place right now, and the playbook has changed too dramatically to rely on any one piece of advice. Landlords and property owners should be diversifying their portfolios now more than ever, and discussing strategies with your community is the best way to secure your real estate for the future. “Future-proofing” might sound impossible, but at Launch, we believe there is always a solution.

There are many strategies out there for building your property portfolio and becoming a forward-thinker, but current trends and insights are pointing more toward a world of increased unpredictability. The Launch community is built on reliability and strategy, and if you’re afraid of losing your property in the future or missing out on an incredible opportunity, come talk to us about how flexible workplace solutions could be the right move for you.

Launch Workplaces Has Changed Empty Spaces Forever

Trends and times are changing, and the needs of commercial tenants are chief among them. Our local building owners and community property owners want to know how to best invest in a future that feels like it’s shifting beneath their feet. Launch Workplaces has adapted to a model of transforming vacancy into profit, and we’re excited to share how this works with you.

Flexible office spaces are only continuing to grow in popularity, and landlords are excited about the prospects at hand. There are many ways to alter your space and get the most out of your properties, from providing free WiFi to repainting to hardware upgrades. While these sorts of investments might seem initially costly, their dividends are unparalleled. Smaller plug-and-play suites will grant you a new kind of tenant, and will attract prospective members and office workers who need partial space at various points in the day. Creating flexible office solutions is how Launch excels at turning a previously unused space into a revenue-generator that people actively want to use!

If you’re a landlord looking for new resources, or if you simply need advice for our changing future, come by and see us. We’re always happy to talk with members of the community and help our local property owners get the most out of their important investments.Read Less.

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