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Launch News

At Launch Workplaces, we love keeping an ear to the ground. Our community spaces and flexible workspaces are a constant hubbub of local community news and business goings-on. We love that the natural byproduct of our meeting rooms, community spaces, coworking options, and team suites is a neighborly sense of belonging, and oftentimes we feel like we learn more from you than you learn from us!Read more.

When it comes time to Get Work Done, building a business and becoming part of the community is only possible by staying up to date on the local news. Launch is constantly bringing new things to the table, and the best way for us to upgrade our workspaces and give you more is to know exactly what you need out of a coworking office space. We’ve done a lot over the years, from making our shared spaces all-inclusive to adding increased flexibility to improving our hospitality and customizability, but we are always ready to do more.

Staying Up To Date

Launch is constantly changing—we do everything from add new locations to upgrade and stabilize existing office conditions to provide you with maximum comfort and sophistication in your office space. We’re currently adding a whole suite of office setups throughout Ohio, and our Washington, DC workspaces are getting some exciting changes and additions. The best way to stay in the know about all of the Launch happenings is to keep an eye on our Launch News pages. If you’re already a member, talk with our local office managers about how you can stay apprised of the changes to your location, or learn about new flexible working locations that might be even more convenient for you!

As we expand our flexible workplace solutions, we’re looking for new ways to benefit our members, improve our community, and grow as a business. Did you know that we grant 50% off to teachers and students as part of our virtual schooling initiative? Or that our coworking memberships are constantly being updated with new perks and inclusive additions? We’ve been partnering with local businesses and counties to manage Innovation Centers, providing opportunities that foster a greater sense of community where we operate. Launch Workplaces has executed incredible programming that includes business and education seminars, new networking opportunities, personalized counseling, membership discounts and upgraded perks, and additional technical support services that allow local entrepreneurs to grow and blossom. Launch Workplaces wants to provide you with all the tools you need to grow a business, improve an existing business, or find new opportunities to overcome challenges.

From giving you the tools you need to hire interns to launching new coworking spaces to helping young people in our community, Launch Workplaces is here for you. If you want to be a part of our exciting opportunities and stay in the know about Launch news, we are happy to help you stay connected. Come back to this page and read about our newest locations, press features, special offers, membership changes, community events, networking opportunities, and more!Read Less.

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