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Life Tips

There is nothing more important to the work/life balance than wellness. Even those who have transitioned to remote or hybrid workstyles need to keep their physical and mental health in check, to ensure that they avoid burnout. Launch knows how vital a healthy lifestyle is to the workplace, and we are constantly adding new initiatives to our flexible office spaces that enhances the balance of work and life—whether it’s hospitality additions, upgraded tables and chairs, or offering tips about yoga, exercise, and meditation.Read more.

Finding The Ideal Healthy Workplace

Launch Workplaces has spent the last few years studying hundreds of workplace models to determine what the ideal place to work looks like. While each individual has different needs, the average American worker shares much in common with one another in their demands for a professional landscape that’s empathetic towards basic human comforts. If your business has been losing staff or you’ve noticed a rapid change in morale, it might be time to switch up a few things about your office space.

Remote work is on the rise not only because of its convenience, but because working people can have their needs met at home that aren’t being met in the office. Work and life are both becoming increasingly challenging and competitive, and the way to make your business more attractive is to show that you care. There are a number of ways to make any office space more comfortable and welcoming, but it’s more than that—the workspace that your employees utilize day in and day out needs to be engaging, comfortable, and healthy.

Employee wellbeing is on a lot of people’s minds right now, but what does that look like in the ever-changing workplace? Launch has found a number of things that employees look for again and again, regardless of the job. Innovation and wellbeing are at the top of the list, but so are healthy work environments, perks and benefits that feel realistic, empathy towards people’s emergencies and human needs, and a willingness to reach out and understand the person behind the role.

Life In The New Office Space

The world has changed. If you’re struggling to meet the demands of remote employees or trying to coax people back into the office, there’s a good chance that you will need to make a few changes to your methods and meet people halfway. Remote work, hybrid work, coworking office solutions, flexible office spaces, and rapidly changing workplace roles are here to stay, and that’s a good thing! The best way to build a strong, successful business is to put the needs of your employees first. Healthy, happy, hardworking team members will want to give back to the business that invested in them. Launch has seen the overwhelming benefits of creating comfortable office spaces where people can thrive. The future of business is people!

If you’re curious about how you can further innovate in a way that improves company culture and the life of your employees inside and outside the office, book a tour with us today. Launch Workplace is more than flexible workplace solutions and comfortable meeting rooms—we want to see the working individuals of our communities grow and prosper!Read Less.

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