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Member Spotlight

Nothing matters more to an organization than its people. You can fill any office space with beautiful desks, comfortable chairs and lovely wall hangings, but without people it’s really just a vacant room waiting to reach its purpose. Our members are the heart and soul of who we are, and Launch’s Member Spotlight is our way to showcase the community, promote Member stories, and increase networking opportunities for every single person that steps through our doors.Read more.

These days, people need to know that they are being supported, cared for, and heard. No man is an island, and when it comes to flexible coworking, Launch wants each and every Member to know that they have our full support. We want to watch local businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations thrive. The best way to ensure that each and every Member is reaching their full potential is to proudly show off what people are doing and give everyone the opportunity to be celebrated and learn more about their peers.

The Member Spotlight Difference

Many types of people make up Launch, and our Members are as unique and various as they come. We have Congressional staffers, public relations firm exectures, presidential appointees, massage therapists, paralegals, small business owners, financial planners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, yoga instructors, and more making up our wonderfully eclectic group across Launch’s many coworking spaces. Our Member Spotlight posts exist to give you some insight into how this wide variety of people are changing the world, and we regularly hold interviews that tell you a little bit about the goings-on behind our celebrated Members.

At Launch, we see how the world has been changing. Even before the pandemic, there was a wave coming that began to fundamentally alter the way business is done in America. Launch believes in the value of careers and businesses, and we put our weight behind the causes we value. People should believe that their chosen careers have meaning, that what they do is rewarding and important. Launch Workplaces grant new and exciting opportunities for all Members, regardless if it’s your first year or twentieth year on the job.

See Why Our Members Choose Launch

Many of the folks that join Launch looking for their new space come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The pandemic has been a tipping point for many folks, whether they lost their previous space or needed an important change. We pride ourselves on the privacy, security, cleanliness, socialization and safety that’s provided at every single one of our coworking spaces.

Our celebrated Members come from all walks of life because they all need the networking opportunities and professional spaces that we provide. Over the last few years, we’ve learned as much from you as you’ve learned from us—our Members have helped us grow into who we are today, and we couldn’t be more excited about where Launch is going. If you’re curious about what our Members are doing and why we’ve chosen these individuals for our Member Spotlight interviews, check out the blog posts below.

Give us a call today—our team is happy to answer any questions you have! Book a tour, see the space, and learn why our Members have become beacons in their respective working communities.Read Less.

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