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Good Works

Launch Workplaces believes in the community. We do more than provide excellent workplace solutions, private offices, and flexible team suites—we invest in our local communities, and truly wish for all of our cities and neighborhoods to thrive!Read more.

From A Million Thanks, to donating items to our Comfort Cases holiday drive, we’re always looking for new ways to serve. Our “Launch Into Good Works” community project supports local Washington DC charities, and is directly coordinated by Launch Workplaces members. Our agendas, volunteers, and projects seek to both educate and entertain, and we provide generous donations and collect goods for other local charities and goodwill projects.

We do much more than seasonal work—our Good Works programs are built upon sustainability, accessibility, and consistency. It’s a way of saying “thank you” to the communities that proudly house our Launch Workplaces spaces, and we want you to know that we are just as invested in you as you are in us!

What Are Our Local Community Projects?

A Million Thanks was founded in 2004, starting as a campaign to serve the community of Orange County. The idea was to send out one million cards to show the U.S. military our appreciation, wherever they might be in the world. This local project became an almost overnight national cause. Each week, thousands upon thousands of letters poured out, and the creator Shauna Fleming helped spread the word. Launch Workplaces has seen the impact of this initiative, and asked our own members to participate. We’ve not only added dozens of letters of appreciation, but our members have donated their time and money to local charities in the name of this cause. Launch Workplaces offers the perfect setup to begin or expand your local charity chapter!

Launch Workplaces also donated to Comfort Cases, an unbelievably impactful charity that seeks to help out the nearly half a million foster children throughout the United States. The mission of Comfort Cases is to instill foster children with a real sense of dignity and love, by helping them pick out their own belongings and find new clothes. Launch is ecstatic to be a part of this, and we have donated hundreds of items to Comfort Cases in tandem with our Launch Into Good Works charity program. Our members have contributed financially and physically, and it’s moved our hearts to see this initiative grow.

And finally, Launch Workplaces is proud to consistently help the community through the management of our Launch Into Good Works community projects. We support the Only Make Believe charity in DC, but our Launch Into Good Works initiative backs any supported local charities and our members are constantly showing us new ways we can help. Launch members love to use our community rooms and shared work spaces to make cards for local sick children, write letters, and brainstorm new charity initiatives. Our community efforts are growing all the time, and we can’t wait for you to become a part of them!Read Less.

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