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Launch Workplaces Response to COVID-19

Last Updated Friday, 6/5/2020

Launch Workplaces is closely monitoring and actively addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in real time. We will be updating this page as the situation evolves. Please check back. Continue reading for details on Launch Workplaces temporary closures as well as the preventative measures we have implemented.

If you have any questions or concerns about your location, or about upcoming or future events or meetings, please contact us at


Update June 1: In accordance with CDC guidelines and suggestions from state and local governments, we have implemented the following changes at our locations.

  • Signage has been placed around each facility identifying traffic flow, social distancing, and screening/tracing station.
  • Coworking desks have been (re) moved to comply to CDC guidelines
  • Conference rooms have reduced seating to CDC guidelines
  • Kitchen seating has been reduced to CDC guidelines
  • A contact tracing process has been implemented; all users must sign in should there be a positive case at any of our locations.

Update May 14: Montgomery County Not Ready to Open Yet 

(Effecting Launch Workplaces in Bethesda, Gaithersburg and Rockville)

County Executive Marc Elrich announced that Montgomery County would continue the stay-at-home restrictions here, he detailed his criteria for re-opening in a meeting with the County Council on Friday. According to Executive Order No. 067-20, the stay-at-home restrictions will be lifted when the County achieves the following:

1) Sustained decreases (rolling average) during a 14-day period of:

  • New cases in an environment of increased testing;
  • COVID-19 related hospitalization rate;
  • COVID-19 related ICU rate;
  • COVID-19 related fatalities;
  • COVID-19 like and influenza-like illnesses presenting to the health care system;
  • Percentage of acute bed usage by COVID-19 patients;
  • Percentage of ICU bed usage by COVID-19 patients; and
  • Percentage of emergency/critical care equipment by COVID-19 patients (e.g. ventilators);

2) A sustained capacity to test 5% of population per month;

3) A sustained decrease in positive tests;

4) Sustained, robust system of contact tracing; and

5) The beginning of a meaningful infrastructure to identify and begin addressing demonstrated COVID-19 related inequities in health outcomes.

Update from Launch Workplaces CEO, Mike Kriel on May 13, 2020. Montgomery County has been hit hard with covid and will keep its stay-at-home order in place for non-essential businesses. That means that our Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Bethesda locations will remain accessible to members with no regular Launch staff. We will continue to distribute mail each day.  

Update from Launch Workplaces CEO, Mike Kriel on May 1, 2020.

AS OF 8 P.M. ON MARCH 30, THE STATE OF MARYLAND IS UNDER A ‘STAY-AT-HOME’ ORDER. – All those living in Maryland are ordered to stay in their homes or places of residences, except to participate in essential activities. Read the executive order.

AS OF 5 P.M. ON MARCH 23, ALL NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES IN MARYLAND ARE ORDERED TO CLOSE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. – Read Governor Hogan’s executive order for more information.

All Launch locations are open for essential businesses in accordance with Gov. Hogan’s executive order.

A staff person will be available on-site for a limited time each day to sort and distribute the mail (late afternoons)

All conference room reservations will be canceled until further notice.

Cleaning supplies (wipes/hand sanitizers/etc.) will be made available as long as we can continue to secure them.

Cleaning and Safety

Launch has increased the frequency of cleanings and is taking extra care to sanitize railings, doorknobs, handles, elevator buttons, restroom surfaces, counters, and tabletops at all locations.

Launch encourages all persons to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and to use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not immediately available. As per the recommendations of the CDC, please avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus.

We encourage all persons to stay home from work when sick and to return only after they’ve been fever-free without the aid of fever-reducing medication for at least 24 hours.

Financial Assistance

For information on resources and financial assistance available to small businesses in our Maryland location, visit State of Maryland resource page.