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Health & Wellness Without an Office Gym

We have all heard the benefits of working out more and taking better care of ourselves. However, finding the time to do so within our hectic work and personal schedules is a challenge. Having a space to exercise at work can make attaining our health-related goals easier, and tenants list fitness and wellness offerings as the top amenity or experience they are looking for in their workspace. Coworking providers may not always be able to supply an on-site gym in their shared office space, but they can still offer fitness and wellness programs by sponsoring healthy activities such as:

  1. Yoga/Meditation – Yoga and meditation have numerous positive benefits on a person’s physical and mental well-being. By establishing a regular mindfulness practice, people can relieve stress, foster greater mental clarity, and sharpen their concentration, which enhances their productivity. Coworking spaces can encourage this by hosting organized yoga classes in their centers periodically and by creating dedicated, quiet spaces for workers to recharge and relax during the day.


  1. Massages – As we spend increasing amounts of time sitting in front of our computers, it’s important to take breaks during the day to stretch and release the muscular tension we are holding in our bodies. Coworking managers can promote this behavior by inviting a local masseuse to the office to do chair massages for members either for free or at a reduced cost.


  1. Art Therapy – Making art is an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. Entrepreneurs also need to employ creativity to drive innovation, ingenuity, and the pursuit of new business ideas for their companies. Paint and wine events are fun art activities that can easily be set up in a coworking space and are suitable for artists of all skills levels.


  1. Puppy Play Dates – Pets in the workplace can be a distraction, but they have also been shown to reduce employees’ stress and increase their job satisfaction. Some coworking spaces choose to be pet friendly year-round. For offices where that isn’t appropriate, they can sponsor Take Your Dog to Work Day or host puppy parties with local rescue organizations.


  1. Walking Clubs – Short walks during the day offer workers excellent breaks from the daily grind and a powerful exercise boost. While some employees may choose to walk alone, coworking spaces can foster a greater sense of community and give members another way to meet each other by organizing group walks at different times each week.


At Launch Workplaces, we are committed to providing the ultimate service for our members.  Our Launch Wellness initiative focuses on creating an office environment that is less stressful and therapeutic.  Check out our upcoming event:

Treat Your Mind: Mindfulness & Meditation

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